2018, you were ok.

2018, you were ok.

I almost didn’t write this post, because 2018 wasn’t great. So much weight gained, sleepless nights, exhausting weeks, and depression being in my mind all the damn time. But it had great moments, that I would love to remember. Magical, funny, and incredible. Let’s go back on time and remember those couple most memorable events I visited, with a blog post.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret in concert

Something that I never thought would happen. It was amazing, lovely and magical. I need to see the next one when and if it comes to Finland! It would be a dream! There was a problem with people who were sitting in front of us (we almost didn’t see anything because they only cared about themselves), but still, it was the highlight of the year. Live orchestra music and Harry Potter? Yes.

Carnival of Ice Cream and Chocolate 

Yaas chocolate and ice cream. I visited this ”carnival” with my boyfriend and best friend, and we are planning to go this year too if it’s coming back! It was much fun to taste all the new ice creams coming up last summer, even if I had mostly eaten everything already. And to test out all those extra ice cream flavors like pine, for example, I loved it! Ice cream makes the world a better place.

Housing fair in Pori

Okay, the housing fair itself was a little bit boring. But! My boyfriend and I ate the best pancakes in Pori, visited Yyteri beach and enjoyed our time together. We rarely get free days at the same time, so it’s always such a pleasure when we can have that time for us, especially if it’s outside out our home. But yeah, housing fair last year was a miss, but other than that, the day was perfect. I’m quite sad tho that we didn’t take out swimming stuff with us, because we didn’t plan on going to Yyteri!

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  1. Vastaa



    Same. My depression got the best of me in 2018 but I made some happy memories. Wishing you a better 2019 because you deserve it! ♥


    • Vastaa



      Oh no! But I’m super glad to hear that you made some happy memories too 💕 Hope you will have an amazing 2019!


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