august favorites 2018

august favorites 2018 august favorites 2018

That grey board | I have no idea what to call it or the official name. However, I love it! Such an excellent addition to my “office” table. There is a lot of larger ones, some of them are plastic and usually black. But this is so small that I can’t handle! I can write small little things I need or just put one thing, like a heart, without it looking empty. A larger one would be cool to get someday too, but this is fine at the moment.

Blossom Lip Oil by Linda Hallberg | Multi-use oil, yes, please. Okay, I bought this for my cuticles since those are getting a little bit too try with all the hand washing at my workplace, and since winter is coming, my hands are going to be dry. Now that I’ve been using it, it has been a fantastic product. Doesn’t have a strong scent, easy to use and it’s beautiful! Isn’t it? Look at that bottle, wow. And now that I have tried this from Linda Hallberg, I would love to test some other products too. Everything is multifunctional, and I’m here for it.

august favorites 2018 august favorites 2018

Harry Potter subscription boxes | Who here love subscription boxes? Me! It feels like opening a present every month! Okay, one that you paid but that’s okay, at least you don’t know what’s inside. I got one today too! Going to make an unboxing soon. There is many many more, but I’m getting two at the moment, and I would love to start getting one planner focused one too, any recommendations? But for now, I’m opening these Harry Potter ones.

Candle s| Okay, Harry Potter themed, but this has been burning all the damn time at the moment. Autumn is coming and so is all the fluffy socks and candles. I should check H&M Home for their new candle collection and stock up for coming months…

august favorites 2018

Plants | I have been “hoarding” plants in my office lately, but just a couple more! We can’t put any living plants in our living room or kitchen because Luna will kill them as soon as she is alone, so I need to focus on those I can put on my office. At the moment I have just five small ones, but more might be coming if I can keep them alive! I might need to get a bigger room in our next home. And oh, isn’t the cup the cutest?!

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September 9, 2018



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