christmas feeling with netflix

christmas feeling with netflix

Finland without snow is dull, dark and miserable. So, why not watch some Christmas movies? They are a good idea! Here is some that I found and one classic, I hope that you enjoy! If you have any ideas what to watch, please comment them down below. Click the movie/tv-show name to see the trailer.

Nailed It! Holiday! | I freaked out when I saw that Nailed It! had a holiday version too! I’m always talking about this tv-show how funny it is and make me cry-laugh almost in every episode. Okay, I would be just like them, so no hate. Holiday version is the same as the regular version, but with Christmassy and holiday-themed desserts. Watch it.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Holiday Special | Watch the Sabrina show first and then the special! If you are like me, you will watch the series in a day, oops. But oh my I enjoyed it so much! Anything supernatural, witchy or magical, I will watch it as soon as possible. I don’t want to say much because of the spoilers, but it was interesting.

The Princess Switch | Never thought that I would be here adding a switch movie on my list. I dislike the twin switch movies so much because the idea is always the same boring one. But for some reason, I enjoyed this a lot. The ending was a little bit like what happened, but it was still a great Christmas movie.

Elf | No need for words. Watch it.

Office Christmas Party | If you need a stupid no-brain movie to watch, this is the one. It’s okay, nothing extra Christmas stuff, just Christmas party and everyone is getting drunk and getting hurt. Still, it’s a Christmas movie that you should watch, mainly if you work at the office.

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