christmas gifts 2017

I’m always one of those who wants to know what everyone got. Don’t know why, but it’s still nice to see! So, here I am showing my Christmas and birthday gifts that I got this year. I’m super excited for all of these, and some of them aren’t even this photo because I have already scattered them all over my room. Like more washi tape or a couple of charms. And chocolate is mostly eaten already…

christmas gifts 2017 christmas gifts 2017 christmas gifts 2017

Pokeball bowl | I can’t handle this. Being a huge Pokémon fan, it’s always nice to get some Pokémon stuff that I can use. Fluffy toys are pretty lovely too tho! But just look at that! It’s flipping Pokéball bowl! I have already put some candy inside too so… This ball will be a hit in our household.

Washi tape & charms | Just look at that bee! My friend said that it’s a charm for my nano traveler’s notebook, so of course, I put it there.  It’s a size of that thing! But it’s cute, so I’ll keep it attached. And then I got some more charms and washi tapes from my other friend! For a stationery lover, those are an always welcomed with open arms. There are cats on the tape! And the bows, so gorgeous.

christmas gifts 2017 christmas gifts 2017

Fluffy socks | Can I say that this is the thing that I hope the most? I always have cold feet, so socks for Christmas, yes, please.

Xbox controller | How long I have been talking about this? Honestly, I can’t even remember. But finally, I have my new controller! I went and bought one new game instantly, and I can’t wait for it to download already! Xbox is having a huge sale, and oh my Watch Dogs 2 is only 33€! The gold edition! So, I bought that, and I can’t wait to start it. I liked the first one, and I have heard that the second one is way better, so, let’s see that! Now I just need to part with my Pokémon Trading Card game obsession.

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