christmas opening 2018 in tampere

christmas opening 2018 in tampere

Ah, finally Christmas has started in Tampere, even if snow is still missing and everything is moody and dark. But the Christmas market is up and going on, and shops are almost competing who has the most festive window. There is nothing better than that; oh wait, it’s better with snow.

About the opening! We were a little late to see the ”walk,” since well, we went and bought a couple of Exit games. Have you tested them? From Kosmos? They are much fun! But yeah, we were a little late because of them, but they were on sale. Gladly we still got to see it on time, and it was beautiful. The puppies in there, so cute! I took some photos, but I’m not going to show them because of the faces. They are just for memories for me.

Even if the walk didn’t cross Hämeenkatu, it was still a good route, ending at the market, where they lit up the Christmas tree, and there were some other events too. Such a beautiful event. This was my second time attending, but I want to join every year now on.

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