december favorites 2018

Last favorites from the year 2018, what should I think about it? I don’t know. The year 2018 hasn’t been the nicest to me, but it has had a couple of great things. No idea if I’m going to make a post about it here, but we will see if 2018 deserves that. But are you ready for December favorites?

december favorites 2018

Advent Calendars | You have seen the blog posts, haven’t you? They were so much fun to make! This year was my first year of getting anything else than Kinder chocolate calendar (don’t worry, I got that too.) and I wasn’t disappointed. There were many beautiful Advent calendar opinions there, but I chose Gobstone Alley and Lumene ones. I loved them both!

Little holiday at Christmas | After getting a job this year, I haven’t had a holiday. Just a couple days off here and here. But! With Christmas in the middle of the week almost, those days were free! We went to spent the Christmas at my mom’s house, and it was delightful. We always enjoy our time there, playing board games and just spending time with my family. And we visited our old hometown too and visited other people in our life, like his family. It was lovely.

december favorites 2018 december favorites 2018

Hogwarts Battle | We may have gone overboard with this game. There is no way we can stop playing the game, and I need more expansions for it. We are stuck in the Monster box of Monster box two, but hopefully, we will destroy the villains and creatures soon so we can move to the third one!

Photography | I might have started a new Instagram, and I have been enjoying it a lot. Heidialina is now my account with all the personal stuff, where I don’t care so much about my photos. It’s for memories and pretty photos now that I have taken without stress! Now for my blog. There isn’t Instagram for my blog now, and there isn’t going to be one. I almost didn’t like photography with that anymore, but now I have my magical account, where I love to photograph everything.

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