dreamy swiss roll cake recipe

dreamy swiss roll cake recipe

The first recipe on my blog! Yay for that! I love baking and making something easy and delicious, and after I figured this out, I have been enjoying making this. For some reason, I always failed this. After we moved, it has been successful, so it must be the oven for me. I found this recipe here. We did something little different for the filling.



3 eggs

1½ dl sugar

1 dl potato flour

½ dl cacao powder

1 tsp baking powder


good amount of whipping cream

200g cream cheese (we used chocolate)

dreamy swiss roll cake recipe


ONE | Preheat the oven to 200 C. Start mixing room temperature eggs and sugar until thick and pale yellow foam. This usually takes a couple of minutes.

STEP TWO | Mix all the dry ingredients together and after that, gently combine them to the sugar & egg mixture. I recommend doing this with a rubber scraper.

 STEP THREE | Pour the mix over to a baking paper and it’s ready to go to the oven! It should be in there about 6-10 minutes.

STEP FOUR | Time to do the filling! It’s pretty easy. Make that whipping cream first and then just add the rest of the ingredients to that. Mix!

STEP FIVE | After you have taken the base out of the oven, flip it to the table coated with sugar. Let it cool down now! After it’s okay, add the filling.

STEP SIX | It’s time to roll it, cut it and eat it!

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