funko pop! collection – beasts & ghosts

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I did it. I started collecting these little cuties even if I promised to myself that I wouldn’t do that. But here I am, showing my growing collection. Ughh how the heck I am going to get the exclusive ones, like Occamy and those. There is no way I’m going to put hundreds of euros for one Funko! But for now, I’m collecting those that are easy to get from places like EMP or Pop in a Box. I have been thinking about making a checklist page on my blog where I can check everything I have, so that might be coming!

funko pop! collection funko pop! collection funko pop! collection

Let’s start with the beasts that I have collected photo by photo, and where I bought them.

19. Pickett – Bought from GameStop. The first pop that I bought! Pickett is my top 5 beast in the wizarding world, so of course, I needed Pickett asap.

18. Chupacabra – Got this from a Gobstone Alley Christmas Box. I got the open mouth one first, so it was nice seeing this in the box. I saw that many had gotten Yule Ball Dumbledore or something that I have already, so this was a pleasant surprise for me.

21. Chupacabra open mouth – Bought from EMP. My first exclusive ever! I almost freaked out when I saw this because I didn’t know that I could get exclusives anywhere in Finland. But gladly, I can!

15. Thestral – Bought from EMP. How beautiful is this pop? I can’t choose if this is my favorite beast pop or the baby Nifflers. Can I say both?

11. Demiguise – Bought from Pop in a Box*. I’m still not sure what I think about Demiguise since it hasn’t gotten so much attention than the other beasts. I wish that the next movies would show him/her more! It’s interesting, but I need to see more.

22. Niffler 10” – Bought from Pop in a Box*. This pop is HUGE! I didn’t think it would be this huge when I ordered it. But oh well, goes well with the baby Niffers and it’s freaking cute!

2-Pack. Baby Nifflers – My boyfriend bought these for me. I had been talking about baby Nifflers a lot, so I was so glad to see these at Christmas when I opened gifts! Okay, I might have guided him to EMP.

funko pop! collection

And ghosts!

62. Nearly Headless Nick – Bought from Pop in a Box*. Ughh I’m so afraid to touch this! There are many photos on the internet where the Nearly Headless Nick has become Headless Nick. But if it breaks, maybe I glue it together, and then he is only Nick. I wish I could get the GITD version too!

74. Bloody Baron –  Bought from EMP. I’m obsessed with the red details on it. He looks badass! It pops so much. I wonder how this would look like as a glow in the dark version…

Well, maybe I will split this post in half, so it doesn’t get too long. Rest of the pops coming on Friday or next Monday!

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