funko pop! collection – characters

So, I did a pop collection about two weeks ago, and now it’s time for part two! I have already got a couple of new ones, but I’m going to make updates!

funko pop! collection funko pop! collection

67. Sirius Black – Bought from Pop in a Box*. Uhh, I wish I could have gotten the sepia version! But this is fine too. Sirius Black is always a nice addition to a collection.

49. Remus Lupin as Werewolf – Bought from Pop in a Box*. I can’t believe that I scored this! It was sold in Pop in a Box, and I was just like oh, that’s a cool one and something I need and bought it. After that, I figured out that it’s quite a rare one.

14. Newt Scamander – Bought from EMP. Tried to score the chase one in this but I didn’t get it either! I have such horrible luck with trying to get those. But anyway, I’m super happy that I have Newt in my collection.

15. Albus Dumbledore – Bought from GameStop. How gorgeous is this version of Albus Dumbledore? The colors of his clothing, details, and everything. Perfect.

05. Severus Snape – Bought from GameStop. Of course, I needed Snape. He is iconic.

funko pop! collection funko pop! collection

And of course, there is more!

58. Ginny Weasley with a diary – From Gobstone Alley box. How cute is this Ginny with her red cheeks and writing on the diary? Did you know that Ginny is one of my favorite characters in the books?

80. Hermione with Cauldron – Bought from EMP. My favorite Hermione of all Hermione pops! Just doing her stuff, being cute and everything. I’m so happy that EMP got this one as an exclusive.

53. Ginny Weasley on Broom – Pop in a Box subscription*. My first Quidditch themed pop, and as I said just now, Ginny is one of my favorites. I know that there are many different characters with the quidditch gear, but Ginny, yaas!

51. Harry Potter with a Broom – Bought from Pop in a Box*. Another exclusive that I got! Now I need a couple of Harry Potter pops still that I want, especially the one with Hedwig and sword!

42. Harry Potter with Marauders Map – Bought from GameStop. One of the four pops that I bought when I started collecting. Even before I started my collection, I knew that this would be one the first I will get. Such an iconic scene in the movie and the details in this pop, amazing.

76. Hedwig – Bought from EMP. I need the flocked version! Why can’t I find it in Finnish GameStops? Don’t they sell it? Is it sold out already? Is it even published in Finland yet? I need it tho. Hedwig is must have.

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