geekgear wizardry august 2018

Subscription – *GeekGear Wizardry/ £24.99 + shipping (£5.99 to Finland)

GeekGear wizardry is here again serving all the lovely things inside! I saw a sneak peek of this box before opening this, and I quite freaked out. The shirt, yaas. And now that I updated the t-shirt size, they even fit me! I would size up for this subscription. I’m usually size M, and with this, I should be almost XL, if I would like to get a little oversize loose shirt. Overall, August box was okay. Not the best, but okay. Have you seen the hints for next box?

geekgear wizardry august 2018

Three exclusive clothing items this month! I already tested to socks, not for me. Doesn’t fit me because I don’t have skinny legs, and that sucks so much. Even when I was thin, I didn’t have that skinny legs! Anyways, they are cute but giving those away. And the material is so soft! / £11.99

And the shirts!! Oh my god, there is two of them! And just perfect for me! Okay, my boyfriend said that even he would use the Three Brothers t-shirt because it’s his favorite story. Magic & Spells, yaaaas! Perfect for days at home and not for muggles shirt. / One shirt £9.99

geekgear wizardry august 2018

Sorry, didn’t take the posters out of the package, but I don’t want to lose them or get them dirty! Still waiting for the bigger wall to put everything. The Weasley print is quite horrifying, but chocolate frogs and potion making is going up asap. But I don’t know yet. I will see which ones will go up when I get the bigger wall! / £14.99

Petunia’s Pudding and Sherbet Lemons are the recipes for this month, not sure if I’m going ever to make them, but oh well, added them to my collection if I ever want to make them.

geekgear wizardry august 2018

Just one word about the pin (£7.99), lovely! Then the bracelets. I’m one of the 500!!! I can’t believe it! And I’m glad. I don’t like the other bracelet at all! But these, I might even use them in some events, if I would go to events. Next Harry Potter concert maybe? We will see. My favorite one of the set is the one with green glass pearls? I don’t know. It’s the prettiest one. Were you one of the lucky ones?

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