geekgear wizardry december 2018

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Is it bad that I didn’t like the box this month? No? Okay, that’s good, I can still have my opinions. Anyways, let’s see why I didn’t like the box and what’s inside!

geekgear wizardry december 2018

AGGGHHHHH!!!! I can’t get with the t-shirts! This shirt is ladies XL! XL! I’m not XL! And this is TOO SMALL! Who chooses the sizes? What are the ladies XL in there? But oh well, I switched it to unisex L now and let’s hope that the next one would be okay, or oversize. I am hoping for oversize. But I do like the print; sadly I can’t use it. Maybe I just cut it and make a pillowcase out of it. £9.99

Then GeekGear added a little thank you note for subscribers, which was cute. But then, another silicon keychain. These are not for me, so it’s going to the giveaway pile. It’s cute tho! £4.99

geekgear wizardry december 2018

I wasn’t expecting this head! But I lowkey love it. It’s something different, quite well made and such an iconic part in the movies. However, when I saw that the knight bus was the hint for this month, I was hoping for a replica of the ticket. But this is okay too! I only wish that the details on the hair would have been pearls. Yes, I do need to complain about that. £9.99

geekgear wizardry december 2018 geekgear wizardry december 2018 geekgear wizardry december 2018

I wanted to like the wand. I did. But I hate the blue part and that this wand is so straight. Since it’s ”English oak,” I wish it would be a little bit curvy, you know what I mean. That would look gorgeous! But the card, little leaf details, and weight are fantastic. I only wish that it would have been a little curvier and that they would have ditched the blue thingy. I might add a little gloss over the blue thing that it would look cooler. £19.99

And oh! This wand is from their new subscription Noble Wands.

geekgear wizardry december 2018 geekgear wizardry december 2018

They are going to stop making the recipes! Damn it; I loved them! But they are replacing them with something else, and I hope that it would be something amazing! Like a paper replica? Can you hear that GeekGear? That would be cool. But anyways! This month we got butterscotch cupcakes and custard creams. Print £4.99

And two prints! The Triwizard Tournament is a cool one, but can you see that beasts one? My favorite item in the box! It’s fantastic! When I can hang things on the wall, this is going up instantly. It even has the signature! Kevin Cantwell, you are amazing. Please keep making prints like this; it’s gorgeous. £9.99

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