geekgear wizardry january 2019

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Yaaas GeekGear! Sorry, didn’t take a photo of the information, but GeekGear is coming up with more personalized and handcrafted stuff starting next month. I’m freaking out, and I can’t wait to see what they are coming up in the future. There are high hopes now! Don’t disappoint me!

geekgear wizardry january 2019

Guess what. I finally got my t-shirt size right! Okay, it’s super oversize, but that’s what I want with my home t-shirts. However, it’s like overly long, but I can live with that. Maybe I tie a knot if I want to go outside of our apartment one day. But yeah, I’m so happy that I got the sizing right for this shirt, it’s a gorgeous one. £11.99

I’m 100% sure that the cushion cover will work as a glue to cat hair. Is it like that? It feels like that. But I can live with that because this cover isn’t going to be anywhere where Luna has access! Just waiting here for my large office with a sofa. About the design (check the photo below) tho! I quite love how it doesn’t scream Wizarding world, but those who know, they know. £11.99

geekgear wizardry january 2019

Ughhh there is going to be tea every month. I still don’t drink tea, so these are going to me misses for me mostly. However, I would love to get the smell for my small little office. How do I do that? Can someone please tell me? But gladly, there is always someone who will drink these. Of course, I need to say; the design is cute! Even without the Love Potion text, I would think about the love potion. And can you see the poster that we got this month? Going on the wall in the future. Tea and print both £4.99

geekgear wizardry january 2019

And as usual, the little things in the box. I’m obsessed with everything! The owl pin should have been on November box but didn’t make it sadly, but that’s okay. It’s cute, and I’m happy to have it. And the owl ”plush,” such a cutie too, even if it smells a little still. Pin £4.99, Owl Plush £7.99

Then my favorite item, the chocolate frog necklace. I can’t handle it. Okay, it’s massive, and I could never wear it because it would weight me down, but I need a smaller version of this. Please GeekGear, can you make one? And maybe earrings at the same time while you are at it? I need them. £9.99

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