geekgear wizardry november 2018

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Festive box yay! And, I need to say, this must be my favorite box that they have released. I’m impressed with almost anything! Sadly, when my box arrived, it was broken! But gladly, nothing was damaged.

geekgear wizardry november 2018

Starting with the wearables, as usual! Okay, just one wearable and a stocking. The stocking is a little bit nah since we don’t do stocking is Finland. It’s not a thing in here. But I put it on as a decoration in my office and might put some Christmassy stuff in there. And the t-shirt! I’m obsessed with the design! It’s Christmassy, soft and I love it. T-Shirt £11.99 / Stocking £9.99.

geekgear wizardry november 2018 geekgear wizardry november 2018

Next up we have some beautiful cards designed by Kevin Cantwell. I would love to send these to some of my Harry Potter friends, but then I would like to keep them for myself. Maybe I send the Hogwarts one because the Bowtruckle is adorable and I almost want to frame it someday.  £4.99

I don’t know about the recipes this month. Onions, no thank you. And the cookies, I can try them. The decorations on those look cool tho! I can’t make something like that, without them looking like they are suffering.

The print, oh my god. It got damaged on the mail, and I’m pissed about it, but it’s just a print, and it wasn’t GeekGear’s fault, so I’m not complaining. The postal should be more careful with the packages and not just throw them around. But it’s still in almost in a perfect condition and ready to get on my wall in the future. £4.99

geekgear wizardry november 2018 geekgear wizardry november 2018

Damn, I didn’t get the golden coin, but I’m happy with silver one! It feels heavy, details are gorgeous and just overall a fantastic piece to have in my collection. Unlike the keyring, I don’t get on with materials like that, since well, I feel like they get dirty very quickly. But I know many people who would love to get this, so I might give it to one of my friends, or make a small giveaway from it. And oh, the potion master pin, great work. Coin £9.99 / Keyring £4.99 / Pin £5.99. 

Occamy egg!

I’m freaking out. This egg is so damn cute that I can’t handle it. Seriously. My favorite item of the box, hands down. Do you watch Cherry Wallis on Youtube? She was thinking about making it glossy, and that idea was terrific. Should I do it too? The egg would look amazing! £9.99

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