geekgear wizardry october 2018

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Time for two Harry Potter unboxings in a row again. Today we will unbox the GeekGear Wizardry box from October, and well, it wasn’t my favorite box. I enjoyed it still tho! But let’s start with the clothing, as usual. I’m not going into the recipes again that much, but they are Berry & Mascarpone Pies (sounds so good!) and Spider Roast from

geekgear wizardry october 2018

And these are the items that I don’t enjoy. The scarf is itchy and doesn’t look that great for my eyes. But I’m sure that someone would love to get this one, so I’m giving it away. Maybe I should start collecting the items I don’t need and make a giveaway someday? Then about the t-shirt. Well, it’s beautiful, and all, but doesn’t suit my style. Scarf £14.99 & shirt £9.99.

geekgear wizardry october 2018

Can you see that Bellatrix Lestrange framed print? It’s bloody gorgeous! My second favorite item in this box without second thoughts. The frame is thick enough so I can put it on the table or shelf without any help, so that’s useful. Print quality seems fantastic, quite glossy even without glass protecting it and I love it. £9.99.

geekgear wizardry october 2018

How cute is this teeny tiny Harry Potter with his Quidditch gear? Do I need the rest now? Maybe. This Harry Potter NanoFig is my first from the collection, and I try not to collect anything like this, but how could you not? This problem is the reason I don’t have any Funkos! I would go crazy with them! I would need all my favorite movies and tv-shows. Anyways! It looks cute, and I’m happy to have it. £4.99.

geekgear wizardry october 2018 geekgear wizardry october 2018


Then my favorite item. The details on the top part, gorgeous. I wish the bottom half would have more details too, but I’m okay with this one! It’s heavy enough, the size I imagine that the tooth would be, and this fang is just everything. I’m obsessed! Replicas are just the best. It’s made of durable and hard wearing resin, and 19cm in length. £11.99.

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