geekgear wizardry september 2018

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Two unboxing in a row? I’m fine with that! So, a new month and a new box to open, and I still didn’t get my shirt size right. The shirt is still too small for me, even if it is size large. Size up a lot if you want a little oversize t-shirt. Anyways, I forgot to take photos of the recipes, and this month they were Wizard Fondant Cookies and Steak and Kidney Pie with Buttered Peas.

geekgear wizardry september 2018

This shirt reminds me from something that I have gotten already from a Harry Potter subscription box, but that’s okay, I love the design. It’s such a gorgeous and simple one! Sadly, I can’t wear it before I lose some weight. It feels soft and colors, gorgeous. / £11.99

Ughh the Slytherin beanie. I’m obsessed! However, I need a pompom to my beanies. Otherwise, I look like a bald clown, and no one needs to see that. It just doesn’t work with my cuteness meter. Need to order a green pompom soon and DIY this one, because the beanie is so warm and well made! / £9.99

geekgear wizardry september 2018

Julia S. You did a great job with designing this wand, it’s such a gorgeous one, but I need to say one thing. It’s so uncomfortable to hold. And yes, that’s an important thing with me getting wands. But! I love how the feathers fall in the wand and create that rebirth look of a phoenix. Fantastic job with the design! I love it. And oh, this says in the leaflet that ”Made of chestnut wood and has a powerful phoenix feather core just like some of the most famous Witches and Wizards of our time. Use it well!” / £11.99

geekgear wizardry september 2018 geekgear wizardry september 2018

I’m little interested in this poster. What’s with the skull and crow? I don’t know. It’s gorgeous, but I have no idea what it means and refers. Maybe the next movie will tell a tale? /£4.99

The design is beautiful, and this broomstick looks good on the shelf, but the thing that holds the broom up feels so cheap. I don’t know if I got the Monday version from it, but it doesn’t stick well. But oh well, I don’t use it, so that’s okay, it’s just standing there looking pretty. / £14.99

Okay, so the whole box didn’t wow me this month, but I can’t wait to see the next one!

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