gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 1-6

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FINALLY!!! I’m so freaking excited, and I can’t handle how large this advent calendar is! It was supposed to arrive on Monday but oh well, postal. I understand why it was so late since it was Black Friday and every else sale day just before. Let’s start opening! I open doors 1-6 now, but after that, there will always be four or five doors per post. But if you want to see daily, check out my wizarding world Instagram.

And oh! The calendar is from Gobstone Alley.

gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 1-6 gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 1-6

Doors 1-3

Door 1 – Padma Patil’s Masala Tea | Ingredients are black Assam tea, ginger, cloves, lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, anise, and nutmeg. I’m not a tea drinker, but this tea smells incredible. I taste it asap! But if I don’t like it, gladly, I have someone who would love to get this.

Door 2 – Jelly Slugs | I don’t remember where I got these recently, but I only liked the red ones and the rest, the boyfriend ate. But candy is always a good thing to get at advent calendars.

Door 3 – Keyring | Yaaaas keyrings! The collection is growing! Sometimes I’m like nah, I don’t want a single keyring anymore, but the next second I’m like give me everything. They would be a fun way to decorate a Christmas tree one year if I get enough of them. But this time I got Hogwarts keyring, which is a cute, simple, perfect one to get.

gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 1-6 gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 1-6

Doors 4-6

Door 4 – Hogsmeade White Chocolate Candle | Oh my god I love this, I’m obsessed with this, and I need a full sized one NOW. White chocolate is my favorite chocolate ever, and now I have a candle! Brb, I need to lit this instantly.

Door 5 – Ravenclaw Christmas Decoration | I’m 100% that there will be all the rest of the houses too. There better be! But this is such a beautiful little peace to put on my small Christmas tree.

Door 6 – Christmas at Hogwarts Candle | Have I ever told you that cinnamon and pine tree candles are my favorites? All the natural scents? Well, I do, so this was a hit instantly. I went to the boyfriend like ”SMELL THIS SMELL THIS OH MY GOD CAN YOU SMELL THIS!” This candle smells like spruce, pine, and cloves. Perfect.

gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 1-6

Gobstone Alley advent calendar has a solid start at the moment. I hope that there isn’t that many licensed candies or other licensed items. Like, a couple is okay. I hope that there are potions, more candles, anything handmade there. I can’t wait to open the next one!

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