gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 12-16

Advent Calendar is from Gobstone Alley.

gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 12-16

Doors 1 – 6

Doors 7 – 11

Door 12 – Quidditch Captain magnet | Yaaas more magnets! I have noticed that many people aren’t happy with magnets, but as I said already, I love them. I just wish that this would have been house colored, but oh well, this is fine. Or maybe I should give this to one of my Gryffindor friends?

Door 13 – Dobby’s Gingerbreads candle | The scent is of course gingerbread, cloves, and anise. My favorite scent that we have gotten this far! And it even looks so delicious that I want to lick it! I’m not going to, but it looks and smells like that.

Door 14 – McGonagall’s Mulled Tea | And ingredients! Ceylon tea, hibiscus, Rowan, cinnamon, black lilac, hawthorn fruit, chokeberry, blackthorn, clove, apple, rose hips, berry, and aroma. I want someone to come here and try this so I can try this too because I still don’t want to make myself a cup of tea, because what if I don’t like it? I don’t want it to go to waste!

gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 12-16 gobstone alley advent calendar 2018 doors 12-16

Door 15 – Socks | I’m not that keen on the design, but these are so soft! And you can never have too many socks, seriously. And with my obsession with ankle socks, it’s nice to get higher ones also.

Door 16 – Another Weasley beanie | I’m obsessed with this design! It only needs a pom-pom, and I’m a happy gal. Should I get a red, orange or Slytherin green one? Slytherin Weasley? Anyways, this will be a hit on cold times coming!

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