gobstone alley august 2018

Subscription – Gobstone Alley/ 32€ + shipping (11€ to Finland)

Yes. August box. I don’t know why it came late since they haven’t told much about it, but I’m giving Gobstone Alley a second change. Their boxes are that amazing! I have heard that the September box should be shipping soon, so, there will be an unboxing soon too. And if not, it’s coming one day. And I need to say, if you are planning on ordering this box, it might be late. Just remember that.

gobstone alley august 2018

T-shirt | I can’t deal with this print. One of my favorite quotes from the Harry Potter movies on a tee, yaas! I will use this too much at home after I have washed it, and enjoy the new shirt. You can never have too much home shirts, am I right?

Cotton shopper | My shopper collection is growing, and I’m living for it. You can never have too many of these, since they are always in different bags, and sometimes full of stuff and ughh. I need more shoppers, okay. But for the design and quality, it feels incredible, and the print is cute! Now I don’t forget where I need to visit before going to Hogwarts!

gobstone alley august 2018 gobstone alley august 2018

Keyring, coaster and Jelly Slugs | So many licensed items this month! Let’s see the first three items and then the tin boxes. I’m happy about the keyring, I always need more of those, because I’m extremely good at breaking those. Don’t know how, but I do that somehow. Then the coaster, ahh. I feel like I’m getting a collection of coasters already. They are nice things to have in our home, but I rarely use them. And Jelly Slugs, I didn’t like them. Not my candy!

Pencil case from Ollivanders and four tiny boxes | That pencil case, so freaking beautiful! I already put my Zebra Mildliners in, and they are staying in there. Perfect! Is it wrong that this is one of my favorite items in the box? And the tiny boxes, amazing for meds and other small stuff like that!

gobstone alley august 2018

Incendio Candle | This month the candle is the Beauxbatons candle with the scent of jasmine, fresh cotton, and bluebottle. Oh also, they included a Beauxbatons pin too, but I forgot to photograph that! It has the logo in it. But about the candle! It smells so fresh, summery and ohh, just relaxing. Not my go-to at this time, but next summer, I will burn this to the end almost instantly. They are also vegan, so that’s a plus!

gobstone alley august 2018 gobstone alley august 2018

Bath salt | My first thought was ”Damn I can’t use this before our next trip to a hotel.” Yes, we don’t have a bath. Most Finnish homes don’t have a bath. But, we have a sauna! So, after I complained about that at my workplace, my work friend said that why don’t I do a foot bath. Well, I’m going to do it tomorrow or today. Can’t wait to test it out!

Cosy Elves Tea | Neville’s Hand-picked Flower tea this month! I’m not one who likes tea, and I don’t think I’m picking this fast. This one is going to my sister.

Felix Felicis potion | Favorite item! It glitters beautifully, perfect for my growing collection (okay just two at the moment), and I love it. No words how happy I was when I saw this potion. I need more.

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