gobstone alley christmas box 2018

The last Gobstone Alley unboxing for a while! They haven’t shipped their November boxes yet, so, I have no idea when the next one is coming. But this time, we are unboxing the Christmas edition! It came late to me, not because of the Gobstone Alley, but postal. This box was hanging way too long in Lithuania! But it’s here now, and I’m super happy to open it!

gobstone alley christmas box 2018

Finally, I have found my size!

OHHHH THE JUMPER! My favorite item on the box, I can tell already. And it fits! The design is cute, funny and it screams Harry Potter for those who know anything about Harry Potter. But those who don’t know, they would probably think like, ”ohh that’s a romantic shirt.” I love the jumper very much. Going to wear it all day every day. And the socks, yaaas. So soft and comfy, perfect winter socks.

gobstone alley christmas box 2018

Some of the little bits next. Still, don’t like the gummy creatures, so now the boyfriend will be happy about this one too! But the magnets, just right on my street, loving them! As you can see, every house is represented, which is excellent. Hufflepuff and Slytherin magnets will hold all the most critical ”our own” stuff in the future; I can tell you that. And oh, the boyfriend is Hufflepuff btw.

But the notebook. Oh, the notebook. I love you. I don’t know how to use it yet, but maybe a traveler’s journal? When we start traveling, I could take this with me everywhere and write down the memories. Maybe like that? Anyways, the stickers left easily, it has 210 ruled pages, and the material seems great.

gobstone alley christmas box 2018 gobstone alley christmas box 2018

#dobbyisafreeelf! I’m obsessed with the keyring, and now it’s my favorite in my collection. It has glitter in it! And Dobby! What else can I need? It’s perfect! And goes with my new mug! Should I start drinking cocoa? Yeah, I should. Drinking water from this Dobby mug would be just boring, but still quite fancy. But now I need to learn how to drink cocoa. I even have the chocolate & marshmallow thingy to put in there! Of course, I need to say the best part too; the mug is dishwasher safe. YAS!

gobstone alley christmas box 2018

Last three things in this Christmas box are two candles and Funko! The Funko that I got is Chupacabra, and I didn’t have it yet! I already got the open mouth Chupacabra, so it’s nice to get this one too. What I have noticed, that people didn’t get the same Funkos, which is just great. It’s nice to see that everyone got something little different. It came in perfect condition, and I’m happy about that even if I’m not too picky about the boxes.

And then there were two more teeny tiny candles. Jacob’s Bakery and Christmas at the Burrows. My favorite from two of these is the bakery one without even thinking about it. If it smells like food, I’m here for it. And again, these are made my Incendio Candles, and they are vegan. My favorite scented candles at the moment to burn in my little office. Makes a great scent in there!

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