gobstone alley october 2018

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October box, yes. Couple Autumn stuff, but that’s okay. I can wait for a year to burn my pumpkin candle or something. You already know that the boxes will be late, so don’t get one if you are not ready to wait. I hope that they can sort out the problems as soon as possible. But that’s about that, let’s see what’s inside!

gobstone alley october 2018 gobstone alley october 2018

So many cozy things in this box! But it’s meant for Autumn, so of course, there is Autumn stuff. First of all, a mug! With this many mugs coming lately, there is no more room for anything else soon in our cabinets. But I love it! This Mischief Managed is not screaming Harry Potter, so I instantly knew that it would be a perfect Christmas gift for my boyfriend. And he loved it! And he is definitely going to try that Hagrid’s legendary winter tea, which smells like whiskey.

The candle on October box was Pumpin Juice. I don’t have any idea what pumpkin juice should smell since I haven’t drink anything like that, but this smells great! And Remus Lupin’s chocolate bath salt to go with it. I can’t wait for our next trip to somewhere with the bath! But I need to remember to take a bath salt bag with me since I’m not a fan of clumpy things in my bath.

gobstone alley october 2018 gobstone alley october 2018

The T-shirt was a shirt! It’s still the wrong size, and the next one should be the right one, so sadly, this will go to someone else. It has this gorgeous gold foiling and Quidditch team logo, so it’s a bummer to let this one go! And the keychain. I didn’t have that in my collection, so it’s a hit too. However, the gummy creature is not for me, but gladly there is always someone who will eat it.

Lovely Cherry Wallis told about the postcard in her video, so I needed to say it here too. The design of the postcard isn’t theirs but from MMPaperCo. What I understood, everything is now talked and everything. But it’s absolutely gorgeous one and one of my favorite items in the box. And now I feel like I’m bashing Gobstone Alley because that pin isn’t Hogsmeade even if the little info paper says it is. That’s Hogwarts. Little typo there? But I’m still happy with everything.

Especially the bookmark, I didn’t have HP themed yet. And it’s Luna!

gobstone alley october 2018

Two favorite items last! I’m obsessed with these metal plates! Okay, this is my second one, but still, I’m obsessed with them. And this is a Gringotts bank one! OH MY! One place I would love to visit and take all the money from there. But for now, I need to settle with my coin safe and the metal sign.

Ohh the potion ingredient. Gobstone Alley always adds potion or one ingredient, and usually, it’s one of the most exciting things for me in the box. I’m a collector! On October, the potion ingredient was Fluxweed, which is used for Polyjuice Potion. Picked at the full moon on 1993. Love the details! I can’t wait to see what’s in the next box!

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