gobstone alley september 2018

Subscription – Gobstone Alley/ 32€ + shipping (11€ to Finland)

Late again, but I’m not going to talk about that anymore. I’m okay with boxes being late because these are my faves; however, they should talk more about it. All I need to say, I’m so happy with this box. Amazing.

gobstone alley september 2018

I’m still hitting the wrong sizes with the t-shirts, but next one should be okay! Sadly, this is one of my favorite t-shirt designs, and it’s too small! Not much, but enough. Need to start moving more asap. I would have loved to hang out in this t-shirt with the Common Room Incendio Candles, which smell coffee with steamed milk. I’m not a coffee person, but this is a cozy scent!

gobstone alley september 2018

Let’s talk about the teeny tiny bits that came this month. Keyring, magnet, and the coaster. I’m happy with everything, but I do not want any more coasters. I have too many of them! But still, they break sometimes because we use them a lot, so maybe that’s okay? And the magnets, yes please I want more for my fridge doors.

gobstone alley september 2018

Now I got the classic Marauder’s Map mug too. This mug is everywhere always, and if you have a Harry Potter mugs, you probably have this one in there. But it’s cute, and you can never have too many cups! And it’s perfect with this Cosy Elves’ tea, which tastes like black tea with raspberries. The scent of the tea is bloody good. Like, amazing. I wish I could get perfume out of this.

gobstone alley september 2018

Bertie Botts every flavor beans. No thank you. Okay, I already ate all the good ones, but have you tasted the rotten egg? Oh my, that is awful! Have you tasted it?

Advice: don’t.

Then my favorite item in the box, a paper in a brown envelope. This replica of permission to visiting Hogsmeade. I can’t deal with this quality! The paper is such a smooth one and the print, no pixels anywhere. I want to frame this piece of paper now. Maybe with my name on it even! Can someone with beautiful handwriting come to visit me? Mine looks like worms dying.

gobstone alley september 2018

And what Gobstone Alley box would be without potion ingredients or potions? Nothing. I’m always waiting for these the most, or the candle. Two potion items! Yes, please! On September box, we got lavender, picked at Beauxbatons, 12.09.1994. You can use it for sleeping draught and fire-breathing potion. And the second ingredient is powdered Bicorn horn, and you will need it for polyjuice potion. Fantastic, I needed that! Very much happy with these two.

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November 13, 2018



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