harry potter and the chamber of secrets in concert

harry potter and the chamber of secrets in concert

So, my boyfriend and I went to a concert on Saturday, and it was bloody fantastic. I can’t say anything else than if you like Harry Potter movies, see the show too. But well, let’s talk about the show!

So, we took our way into Helsinki in about 13 pm so that we would have plenty of time before the show. Just eat, check the city and take a metro to the Metro Areena. And of course, we needed time in Espoo too, if we got lost. But everything went fine, didn’t got lost, found the place very quickly. I was so excited for the day because I’m such a huge Harry Potter fan. Well, I almost cried in the morning because I realized that it was the day when I’m finally going to see it! I missed the first one because of financial issues, but now we got to see this.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets in concert

After arriving at the Metro Areena, the doors opened almost instantly. Went inside, showed the tickets and oh my when I saw the venue. There was a huge screen and of course, the instruments. It was looking good! There was little over an hour before the concert was starting, so we just waited there and watched how so many people were dressed up. Oh, why I don’t have any Harry Potter clothing stuff? I need to get something for the next show.

When the show started, the conductor introduced the orchestra and himself, thank you for them! Amazing show! He said that everyone should enjoy, scream and clap when favorite scenes come, for music, for the characters. And boy the audience shouted. Everyone was just living for the movie.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets in concert

After the movie was over, everyone was clapping and shouting. It reminded me of when I saw the last Harry Potter movie, and how I have missed it. I could just feel the love for it and how much it means to some of us in there. So, I’m going to see the next one, and hopefully the rest of the movies too, because it was just magical. And I recommend that you should check them also. Well worth of the money.

Thank you CineConserts, Metro Areena and orchestral. It was bloody brilliant.

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