hello 2019 goals

hello 2019 goals

A new year and new goals. Ughh I hate these, but still, I do them every year and fail miserably. Probably this year too! It’s always fun to make goals and be 100% on them for a couple of months, but this year I try my best with these. Did you make any goals?


More and more studying. I would love to get into a school this year, but if not, I will keep doing courses here and here. I feel like I’m stuck at the moment with my job since it’s not something I would love to do the rest of my life, even if I like it. But I would love to get into a school and learn something I would love to do in the future. The year 2019 will be my ”just focus on getting into a school” year.


I have gained over 20kg over a couple of years with being depressed, not having the motivation to do anything. But the end of the last year, we bought cross-trainer, and what I have been using it, I love it. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, I’m already sweating so much in it. So that will be my main sport, and of course, I will try to drink more water and that stuff. But focusing on the cross-trainer. And one adds to this, not so much Pepsi Max anymore.

hello 2019 goals


I hate being in photos. With my double chin, chubby cheeks and spots on my face, I don’t like seeing myself in pictures. But I’m going to work with that this year a lot and be more approved with my self-image. I would love to see photos of me and go ”wow, I look amazing.” Even going in front of the mirror is mostly hard, so I need to work with that too.

+, Of course, save some money.

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