january favorites 2019

The longest month on the year is finally done! Huh, every year the same thing. One freaking long month where I’m tired every day and ready to sleep after I have woken up. But still, I found new favorites yet again, and one of them is Fazer blue & Dumle chocolate collab. Best chocolate ever, buy it if you come to Finland.

january favorites 2019 january favorites 2019

Let’s start the things that I put on my head, and the first thing is;

Dior eyeglasses | Well, since my muggle job is selling glasses, I do have a growing collection of them. These Dior Stellaire O1 glasses are my newest addition, and how beautiful they are? I know that these are not for everyone, but the most important thing is that they feel good to wear and I like them a lot.

Pravana ChromaSilk Pastel Luscious Lavender | My hair isn’t lavender colored yet, but it’s getting there. After getting about 10cm out of my hair, I wanted something new. Why not go gray and lavender at the same time? After two weeks, I haven’t needed to color my hair again. Maybe later this week tho, so I can get it more lavender?

Lumene samples | I’m obsessed! With the Lumene advent calendar, I have been using many of them now. Haven’t finished one yet, but I’m getting there day by day. I’ll make a empties post when I have used them enough, but in the meantime, yaaas for samples and trying out new products.

january favorites 2019 january favorites 2019

Ted Baker card wallet | No idea what this is called, but I bloody love it. My boyfriend got this wallet for me for my birthday, and it’s a perfect size. Now I can keep everything I need with me, and I don’t need to take a bulky wallet with me always. And it fits my bus card!

Returning old games | Everyone has them. Resell those that you don’t need.

Xbox | It’s my past, present, and future. Lately, I have playing games like Lego Harry Potter, Halo and Crash Bandicoot. And if I’m not playing anything, I probably watch some Netflix or Viaplay. I am always using Xbox. I tried Nintendo Switch, and I keep playing my Pokémon games with it and other games that I can’t get to Xbox, but nothing wins that. And no, this is not sponsored. I just love them.

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