july favorites 2018

july favorites 2018

Traveler’s notebook & Tombow Mono Drawing Pen | We finally bought a printer, so I have been filling my newest traveler’s notebook. There might be a blog post coming when this is ready! It’s going to be my go-to planner. But I’m so excited to have a small planner with me now! The personal is quite big to take with me, and the blog planner doesn’t leave my ”office” table. But this CityGirl Planners is excellent. And the pens? You know that I love my PenGems with gel refill, but I also love felt tip pens, so, PenGems will go with my personal and Mono go with traveler’s notebook. Have you tested them? Such smooth writing! Should I get more?

july favorites 2018

Housing fair | This year the housing fair in Finland was in Pori, and as I said in my last post, it wasn’t that exciting this year. I liked it but didn’t love it as much as the previous year. The area was small, and most of the houses were mostly just for show. Like, who puts toilet papers under the shower? That was something that I didn’t like this year. But still, it was fun to visit in there, and I enjoyed the day! Next year again! Okay, I need to say, one of the best things this year was the magazines. I rarely buy magazines because they are expensive as f, but when I get them free, of course, I read them! I have put some washi tape to the interesting pages, so in the future, I can find some inspiration in there.

july favorites 2018 july favorites 2018

Soph x highlighter palette & Worth The Hype mascara | I’m sure that I have talked about this highlighter palette before, but now that Finland has been surprised how this summer, I haven’t done anything to my face. Minimal skincare and then, add a little bit of highlighter. That’s it. Nothing more needed. And why I chose this palette? Well, because it’s my only one. And it’s such a pigmented one for the price, and I don’t think I need another one in a while! Definitely worth of the price.

Finally a new mascara for me! I’m one who loves natural lashes, but something that pops out a little. I found one! Accidentally, but found one. I was buying lipsticks, and I saw the cutest makeup bag but needed to spend 25€ to get it free. Well, I needed mascara and asked which one would be a good one that wouldn’t make my eyes look like spiders because that’s not a look for me. Nyx worker recommended this one for me, and I thank her for that. I love it! This mascara makes my eyelashes look so full and beautiful.

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