kinder beauty box january 2019

Subscription – Kinder Beauty Box/ $24 + shipping ($2.95 to Finland)

 Back with it again! I’m trying to be positive and hope that I can come to say hi to my blog more often, but oh well, sometimes life is more important. But now I have a couple of free days, so finally I can focus my time on here! I love it! Especially now that I have many blog posts that have been on my draft pile for almost a month! But let’s start with the Kinder Beauty Box that I got on Friday. It’s a beauty!

So, last year I started using only cruelty-free cosmetics. Of course, I used all the other first before the change, because there is no point of throwing everything out. But anyways, I always love trying out new products, and I was so happy when I found out this box! Well, I ordered it, and I do like it what I have seen. Let’s see what’s inside! And oh, in every box, you will get a leaflet which tells everything in the box.

kinder beauty box january 2018

Effortless Eyeliner (Belgian Chocolate) by Honeybee Gardens / $8.99 | Instantly I knew that this would go to my best friend since I don’t use eyeliner at all. I have no idea how to use it, and I’m scared as f to put it on my eyes. But the color looks gorgeous tho.

Loose Mineral Eye Shadow (Peach Fetish) by Inika Organic / $22 | How beautiful is this? First I was like nah, I have no idea how to use a loose eyeshadow. Then I saw the pigment, and I want to keep this. Maybe I should use it as a highlighter? Wait let me try it. Okay, I love it and save it as a highlighter. Oh, yea almost forgot, you could have gotten one of the three different colors; Peach Fetish, Copper Crush or Coco Motion. So glad that I got the Peach Fetish!

kinder beauty box january 2018

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream by 100% Pure / $26 | Okay so, this miracle should brighten my dark circles under my eyes. Good luck with that, I have been making them since 2009. But I started using this instantly when I got the box, so a couple of days now. The scent in it is such a pleasant scent, and I hate coffee! But this is smooth and easy to apply. I will keep using this, and hopefully, I can say bye to my friends under my eyes. And I can say that this bottle lasts forever since I only need two small drops under one eye. For now, this is my favorite item in the box.

Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum by Andalou / $24.95 | The scent, oh my god. That’s the first thing. The smell is unbelievably good! Can I eat it? Okay no, that would not be healthy. Anyways, I started using this yesterday, and now that I have put this on my face three times, I like it. Okay, give me any serum, and I probably live for it. Especially if the scent is excellent.

 Rice Facial Cleanser by Juara / sample size | I tried this one already too, and it did remove the base makeup that I put on to try this out. And my face was feeling pretty clean! So I’m not mad. One + for the small foaming effect, I’m all about that.

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