lumene advent calendar 2018 doors 1-4

Are you obsessed with advent calendar openings? Well, I am. And now I’m bringing them to my blog too, but with a little different twist. I don’t want to open everything at the same time, because that would be just boring. I’m opening these on a normal day or day before, depending on my work days and how I have time to photograph and write the blog posts. But like these, I opened them in their days! I’m thinking about doing this with my Harry Potter advent calendar too, should I? Well, of course. Anyways! Let’s start opening the doors and see what’s inside! And oh, this calendar is from Lumene, bought it myself and paid the full 89,90€. Expensive af, but I’m hoping that this is worth it! One more thing, I will write a review of the empty ones when I go through them, and those that I’m not using, I’m giving away to friends and family.

lumene advent calendar 2018 doors 1-4 lumene advent calendar 2018 doors 1-4

Doors 1-4

Door 1 – [LÄHDE] Nordic Hydra / Pure Arctic Miracle Bi-Phase Micellar Water / 50ml | Well, that’s a name. When I opened the door, I thought that I would be getting the regular micellar water, but micellar water with oil? That’s interesting! I’m not mad at all. Something that I haven’t tested before, but it should take all waterproof makeup away, even the toughest ones. Can’t wait to test this out.

Door 2 – [HARMONIA] Nordic Rituals / Nutri-Recharging Purifying Peat-To-Foam Cleanser / 15ml | Foam cleanser, oh my god yes. And the package says ”Contains: Nordic Chaga & peat.” Hmm, those are not something that usually appears on cleansers, but I quite understand. Why not? I tested this already, and it left my skin feeling incredibly clean. Smooth! The stuff looks like wet mud tho, but it’s okay. Makes me feel like a real Finnish.

lumene advent calendar 2018 doors 1-4

Door 3 – [VALO] Nordic-C / Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream / 15ml | How do I use a night mask? Do I just put it on and that’s it? Need to Google now. Well, I need to put it on my face after cleansing, okay! I read from Lumene’s website what’s inside of it also, and see. ”Revitalize dull-looking skin with the potent combination of seed extract and seed oil from antioxidant-rich Arctic cloudberry, vitamins A, B3, C and E, pure Arctic spring water and hyaluronic acid.” What is this miracle cream and why haven’t I figured it out before? Please make my skin moisturized.

Door 4 – Nordic Chic / Moisturizing Lipstick 12 Frosty Night | Full size | Moisturizing lipstick. I don’t believe that. However, the color looks beautiful and something that I would wear, so, I will try it out. But we will see about that moisturizing thing. It’s a little bit sheer, so it might even work well. I’m interested!

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