lumene advent calendar 2018 doors 5-8

The Lumene advent calendar has a strong start, and I have been enjoying every item I have received. Even the lipstick! It feels so soft on lips, and it’s sheer just the right way and doesn’t look sheer on one places. However, you need to scrub your lips before using! I didn’t at the first time, and the lipstick got stuck on dry parts. But that’s normal! Other than that, I’m super happy about it. And others, still testing but loving at the moment.

lumene advent calendar 2018 doors 5-8

Doors 1-4

Doors 5-8

Door 5 – [LÄHDE] Source / Intense Hydration 24H Moisturizer / 15ml | Instant hit and I haven’t even opened the package yet! Okay, opening now. Smells like cream, which is just fine. I wasn’t expecting anything mind-blowing with intense hydration. But this will be on my daily use instantly because I need to moisturize all the damn time in winter.

lumene advent calendar 2018 doors 5-8 lumene advent calendar 2018 doors 5-8

Door 6 – [LÄHDE] Nordic Hydra / Purity Dew Drops Hydrating Eye Gel / 5ml | First I was like, why is it so small? Like, 5ml? Then I checked the website for a price, and oh, that’s why it’s such a small sample. I’m going to test this one too instantly because moisturizing. You can never have that enough in Finnish winter. It doesn’t smell anything, which is good, and since it’s a gel, it feels very light.

Door 7 – Moomin X Lumene / Nourishing Hand Cream / 30ml | Already using and loving this hand cream. When I opened the door, I was a little bit like ”ahh, another work hand cream that I can just use up fast.” But I might start using this at home, where I don’t need to wash my hands that often. The scent is very hand creamy, nothing weird at all, and it absorbs to my hands very quickly! So, very happy with this and I’m 100% I’m rebuying this.

Door 8 – Nordic Chic / Under Eye Concealer / 5ml | Ughhh, I bought a couple of weeks ago a concealer. But after that ends, I’m happy to try this, since I have wanted to test it. But why there is only one shade? I don’t understand. Okay, we Finns are pale, but still, more shades. Lumene, you are growing!

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