lumene advent calendar doors 14-19

lumene advent calendar doors 14-19

Doors 1-4

Doors 5-8

Doors 9-13


Door 14 – [VALO] Nordic-c / Glow Reveal Peeling Mask / 15ml | My third sample of this, and I’m always happy to receive it! I’m not 100% how this works, but I like to use it just before going to the sauna. It’s supposed to brighten your skin, and I can quite see that happening. However, I use it mostly because of the scent and how it makes my skin feel.

Door 15 – Muslin cloth | Muslin cloths are something that I have never heard of, so this is an entirely new thing for me. It should clean and exfoliate my skin at the same time, so I’m interested to see how it works. But it’s hand washable, ughhh.

Only available in the advent calendar!

Door 16 -[HARMONIA] Nordic Rituals / Nutri-recharging Nurturing Body Lotion / 20ml | After sauna lotion! Yaaaaas! I don’t know if you have heard, but Finland is a sauna country. We have a sauna and use it like once in a week or a couple of times a week. So, this is perfect. Lumene website says that I should use it with the salt body scrub, so, let’s hope that it will come too.

lumene advent calendar doors 14-19 lumene advent calendar doors 14-19

Door 17 – [HARMONIA] Nordic Rituals / Nutri-recharging Salt Body Scrub / 20ml | And we have the body scrub. Scrubs are something that I love a lot since they are super easy to use when I’m in the shower, without any hassle. Especially in winter, this is a hit. And I have the body lotion to go with it too! Btw, the packaging is gorgeous!

Door 18 – [VALO] Nordic-c / Glow Boost Essence / 15ml | One of my favorite items from Lumene, and I’m so happy to see this in the calendar. I needed to buy a new bottle of this! 90% of the time, I always add this or other Lumene serum under the moisturizer. Glow Boost is something I use most of the times in the morning so that I could get that glowy skin.

Door 19 – [SISU] Nordic Detox / Moisture Remedy Day & Night Cream / 15ml | I need to use all the other moisturizers before opening this, but again, so happy that it’s a moisturizer. You can never have too many moisturizers when you live in Finland. Maybe I should get the Sisu serum before I open this!

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