lumene advent calendar doors 20-24

I need to say, Lumene, you did great! I’m obsessed with the advent calendar and everything inside. There weren’t many makeup items, which is just great! Skincare items were something that I was looking for and wanted a lot, because hey, Finnish weather drys up your skin instantly. So, I’m super happy with everything and 100% buying one next year.

Doors 1-4

Doors 5-8

Doors 9-13

Doors 14-19

lumene advent calendar doors 20-24

Door 20 – [HARMONIA] Nordic Rituals / Nutri-recharging Intense Moisturizer / 10ml | Many times said already, but moisturizers, give me everything! And with ”intense” word in it, I’m all about it. I haven’t tried this yet since I’m using a couple of other ones first, but I’m sure that I love it.

Door 21 –  Nordic Chick / Eyebrow Shaping Wax / 5ml | No idea how to use this, and I will probably give this to someone who would love to use it and knows how to use eyebrow wax.

Door 22 – [KAUNIS] Invisible Illumination / Instant Glow Beauty Serum / 15ml | This might be too dark for me, but let’s see! I have used some Lumene skin tints, but not this. But it has been on my ”want to try” list for a long time now! But if it’s too dark, I know someone who will get this instantly.

Let’s just hope that it’s a right shade!

lumene advent calendar doors 20-24

Door 23 – [HARMONIA] Nordic Rituals / Nutri-recharging Purifying Peat Mask / 15ml | More peat stuff, yes, please. Straight to my small pile of samples to try, and if this mask is good, definitely getting the full size. And I’m super happy that there is a lot of Harmonia collection since it’s one of those that I have been dreaming of using, but haven’t bought because I have no idea what to get! But these help a lot.

Door 24 – Nordic Noir / Longwear Eyeshadow Stick / 1.6g | I must say, I was hoping for the mascara when I saw the box. But then I tried the stick, and oh my god, it’s gorgeous! Stays on well, and glitters all day. Loving this eyeshadow!

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