lumene advent calendar doors 9-13

lumene advent calendar doors 9-13

Doors 1-4

Doors 5-8

Door 9 – [LÄHDE] Nordic Hydra / Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask / 15ml | How is this calendar just on point with my skin? Hydrating gels and creams day after day. Okay, this would be boring for some people already, but I’m over the moon. I have said this already, but Finnish winter makes my skin dry. I need to be moisturizing it all the damn time, so I’m happy with all the hydrating gels.

Day 10 – [VALO] Nordic-C / Glow Lumenessence Brightening Beauty Lotion / 50ml | One of the items in the calendar that I was waiting like a crazy person. I own a lot of VALO products, and it’s my favorite of the Lumene collections that I have tried. The scent is fantastic, and my skin always feels fresh and glowy, I love them. So, I’m going to try this instantly.

lumene advent calendar doors 9-13

Day 11 – Compressed Sheet | Okay, so you can create your sheet mask with this, and I failed. Don’t know how, but I failed. I want my sheet masks to be ready!

Day 12 – [LÄHDE] Nordic Hydra / Arctic Dew Quenching Aqua Serum / 15ml | I already have this, but I love it. So, I’m not mad at all! I’m using this serum always after sauna with the same collection moisturizer. Super hydrating! Of course, one thing I’m obsessed with is the bottle. It feels so fancy and expensive.

Day 13 – [SISU] Nordic Detox / Deep Clean Purifying Cleansing Oil / 50ml | Ugghhh I have wanted to try this out for so long that I can’t even remember! Okay, when I find out about it, after that. Since I work in the middle of the city, all the dust and everything will get stuck on my face. I have heard that this would be perfect for that, so, summer and sand dust, I’m ready.

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