movie and tv series recommendations 2018 #2

movie and tv series recommendations 2018 #2

New recommendations again, and as usual, click the name of the movie/tv-show so you can see the trailer.


Ready player one

So, I didn’t read the book. I didn’t even know that there is a book. But now that I do, it’s one of those that I would love to take home with me and read. At first, I didn’t even want to see the movie because the trailer I saw first was such a mess! Well, after seeing a couple of different ones, I was so into it, and the movie didn’t disappoint me. There has been a lot of bad reviews because of the movie isn’t exactly same as the book, but if you can put that on the side, I’m sure that you will enjoy Ready Player One.

Ready Player One kept me focused the whole time. There were no boring parts, and I was so excited to see how they will find the golden egg. And being a gamer, it was amazing to see some familiar faces in there. But even if you are not a gamer, you should go a and see it. The story is just beautiful.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

When a movie makes me cry, it must be a good one. Actors are amazing, doesn’t overdo the angriness and sadness that sadly many actors do. Such a dramatic, sad, compelling movie. Just watch it if you want to cry your eyes out. At least I did, and I never cry in movies! But oh, if you don’t like black humor, this is not for you, because it’s full of it. Then again, you need to have even little black humor in you so that you can live.

Love, Simon

Oh noooo. I hate those over romantic movies usually because they are always kissy hug and oops someone has cheated, is pregnant or something else, and then everything is ok again after crying about an hour. But I was pleasantly surprised by Love, Simon! It was very thoughtful, enjoyable and worth to watch, and I think that this movie could teach one or two things to people.

Alex Strangelove

Same category as Love, Simon, and same thoughts. We watched this on Netflix as a haha stupid romantic comedy to kill some time, but our eyes were glued to the TV. There is such an essential saying in the movie, like, how did you know that you were straight? Did you choose? No. Alex Strangelove has such a powerful word on this topic, and everyone should watch it.

The Ritual

How could I make a recommendation list without horror movie? But this is how you make a movie, where the monster goes to your head. Like seriously, I couldn’t wait to see the ending to understand everything why the guys were acting like that and what made them. I don’t say anything else so that I won’t spoil anything.

movie and tv series recommendations 2018 #2


The 100

Season four is now on Netflix, and still such an exciting show! I don’t want to say anything about the ending, but it left me like ”NO WHAT WHY WHEN WHERE?!” So, if sci-fi is your thing, The 100 worth the checking. However, the last two season, especially the last one, there is so much pointless drama going on. It’s so annoying to watch!

The Great Interior Design Challenge

Do you like to watch interior design shows? Yeah, I don’t. I usually hate them, because everything usually ends up just the same as most of them. So! I was still interested in checking this show, since it has some new amateur designers, they have a lot of ideas. I didn’t understand some of the choices the judges made,  but it was still enjoyable to watch.

Kimmy Schmidt

Funny 20min comedy show, that’s all. Just enjoy.


Sun & Moon is on Netflix!!! Sun & Moon has gotten so many bad reviews because it’s very different from the other Pokémon series, but I enjoyed it a lot. Like, I was laughing with tears in my eyes sometimes! And the new style doesn’t bother me at all. It’s nice to see a change sometimes! And the originals are on Netflix too, so check them for nostalgia at least.

On My Block

At first, I was like nah, not another teen drama. But my friend kept saying ”watch it, watch it!” and of course I did. I was a ball of emotions as watched every episode, thinking about what’s happening to the kids and just feeling all the feelings. So emotional, but at the same time, so funny and amazing.

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