new movies to see in 2017 #1

Huge TV junkie here! Movies are my life, I love them, and I can watch them all day if there is nothing else to do. So, let’s start! When you click that movie name, it takes you to YouTube where you can see the trailer. When there is a skull after movie name, watch it at your own risk. There are lots of movies coming this year, but here is what Finnkino shows atm, so I took them. So the next part is happening in a couple of months maybe! A release date is in Finland.

new movies to see in 2017 #1

La La Land | Musicals isn’t my thing, but when you add Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, it must be a good movie, and I can’t wait to see it. Maybe I should go next week? Let’s hope that it isn’t the same story as always in those. Two young people who want to get famous and everything goes well, then one bad guy comes, and everything falls, and then all is well suddenly! But I have a good feeling about this movie. 13.1.2017

Split ☠ | James McAvoy with 23 different personalities? Thank you! I think that people with dissociative identity disorder are fascinating so that with a little bit of horror must be interesting to watch. I haven’t seen a movie like this yet (only those where they don’t remember when they have been wrong and killed like 20 people already, and then they know what happened like ooh oops!) or I don’t recall those, so this is going to be so exciting to see. 20.1.2017 // We went to see this movie yesterday, and it was good!

Rings ☠| New Ring movie! Finally! These were sooooo bad when they came, but I’m still so excited to see it asap! As a huge horror movie fan, this is a must this year, and hopefully, it doesn’t disappoint me much. As someone has commented, ”Samara got a wi-fi this time!” 3.2.2017

Fifty Shades Darker | Okay, this is the weird one in my list. I hate the first movie because I don’t like girls who are like she and I can’t watch them. But I saw the first movie, so that’s why this is on my list too. 10.2.2017

 Moana | Disney movie, say no more. 17.2.1017

A Cure for Wellness☠ | When I first saw this trailer, I was like wow, that is must see a film. This doesn’t seem like a supernatural horror movie with same old stories, so we are going to see this asap. 17.2.2017

T2 Trainspotting | I never watch movies with drugs in them, but I remember when the first time I watched Trainspotting (I blame you, Ewan McGregor) and I enjoyed it. So actually I’m waiting for this movie since this is 20 years late with the same actors!?

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