october favorites 2018

We are almost done with 2018. How and when did that happen? With so many great things happening this year, it has just gone past without me even realizing that! School, new workplace, the second year of blogging. But we have a couple of months left, and hopefully, many things are happening. Like me getting Nintendo Switch and giving my life to Let’s Go! Eevee!

october favorites 2018

Pokémon Ultra Moon | My Pokémon fever is on again. We bought Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun a little more than a month ago, and oh my, it’s everything I wanted from a Pokémon, as usual. I still haven’t collected every Pokémon there is in this game, but I’m almost there. And I need to say; I was little afraid that Ultra Moon would be too much like Moon, but gladly, no.

Rise of the Tomb Raider | Yes, I’m late with the Tomb Raider party. I had played couple Tomb Raiders before but didn’t like them that much. And now I’m obsessed with this game! Found out that it’s in Game Pass, and mine is ending in 15th of November, so I’m in a hurry to play this trough. An almost open world, yaas! Maybe I should get the next Tomb Raider too.

october favorites 2018

Fazer Finland chocolate | Especially the box! These boxes arrive at the shops just before Halloween, and I’m always going crazy with finding the Finland chocolate because it’s usually sold out pretty fast. Last year was insane with this since it was the 100 years old party! But anyways, try Finland chocolate if you are visiting Finland. The white chocolate and Fazer blue chocolate, yes.

Glasses | I don’t remember if I have talked before about my eyesight, but I need glasses when I’m working, or I’m using my laptop for a long time. Or just reading. I have astigmatism, so glasses help a lot with that. However, laziness has been my problem for years, but in a couple of months, I have been learning to use them more. My eyes say thank you! No more headaches that much.

october favorites 2018

Scented Candles | When the autumn comes, candles will be lit. And when the autumn leaves and winter step in with the darkness, scented candles will take place everywhere in our home. Something Christmassy usually! H&M scented candles are one of the best, so, try them out. And they are beautiful too!

october favorites 2018

Lush Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder| Well, this is interesting. It’s toothpaste, but powder. When I bought this, I also bought like tabs or something like that from Lush, but they tasted awful! The charcoal ones. No, no, no. But this Tooth Fairy, loving it! Tastes fantastic and still, my mouth feels like it’s clean after washing my teeth. And it’s super easy to use! I might need to buy another one of these soon, since this one is nearly at the end.

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November 13, 2018



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