our journey started then

Mietin et suuteleekohan joku muakin vanhana niinkun oltas nuoria

Säilyykö ensirakkaus perhoset, mahanpurut, soiko kirkossa urut

When we moved together, I was so scared of what’s going to happen. Is it going to work? How can I live with someone who I haven’t known my whole life? Do I get bored with him? Do I keep loving him? GreaterSkies send me a message if I would like to get one of their beautiful star maps, and of course, I said yes. For a couple of minutes, I was thinking like, which day is important to me? There is many. After thinking about a while, I knew that I wanted something for us. We don’t have a ”get-together”-day, so moving day was perfect.

our journey started then

Our journey started then.

For last month or so, I have been listening Ellinoora – Sininen Hetki. There are a couple of lines that fit perfectly for what I was thinking about our plans to move together. It says ”I wonder if someone kisses me when I’m old like we young. Does the first love butterflies and bellyache stay? Does the church bells ring?” I was thinking about all of these things. Such a huge thing for someone who likes her privacy, but is ready to give all to the person who I love. Of course, the lines needed to go to the board. They fit perfectly with my thoughts!

Our first apartment was a small one, but I enjoyed it. He was still in the military when we moved together, and that was all fine and perfect. I had been living alone for a long time, so it would have been a massive shock for me to him to be there all the time. The apartment was a small one, but it was ours. One bedroom, sauna, and beautiful flooring. And a huge kitchen! After that, we have moved two times.

our journey started then

As I’m writing this, 19.07.2018, we have been living together for five years almost. It had contained lots of different emotions, even the bad ones when we thought that is this ok? Especially on my side, when I was depressed and all I felt that I was a waste of space. However, he was there all the time, and I’m sure that he always will be there, as I’m here for him.

The almost five years has given me so much! A new city, lots of new eye-opening things, our little cat Luna. And the most important thing, it has given me a person who I would love to spent the rest of my life with. Cheesy, I know. But I didn’t know these when we wrote down our names in the papers of our first apartment. All I knew, that I’m so in love with him and I would love to give a shot.

And I’m so glad that I did.

And I have a memory of it! Star map from the place and time where we wrote the names, and I love it. I don’t have any idea where to put it yet since our first idea went down, but at the moment, the star map will be in my little office, reminding every day how lucky girl I am. But eventually, it will be somewhere how we both can see it all the time.

Thank you Greaterskies, I love this print so much. Such a personal gift that brings so many memories in our minds, when we see it. Remember guys to check their website; you won’t regret it.

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