pengems dolce vita collection

*PenGems kindly sent me this set. 

pengems dolce vita collection pengems dolce vita collection pengems dolce vita collection

Ahhh, another PenGems collection! Have you seen me do these posts before? I do these almost always when PenGems releases a new collection that I’m instantly obsessed. Well, this time it’s marble collection. Must have for every blogger maybe? I don’t even like marble that much, but in small details, it hits me hard. Names for these pens are Carrera (gray), Rosalia (pink) and Marquina (black).

My favorite of these three changes all the time. One minute I like pink the most, next moment I’m obsessed with the black one. But black one still might take this rounds, because of the golden hardware. I can’t say no to that! Which one is your favorite? Anyways, let’s talk about the pen itself if you haven’t tested these or read my other reviews. First of all, if you like little ”heavier” pen, this is for you. When the pen is too light, it just drives me nuts. I can’t write nicely with those.

Second thing, they write amazingly. Each pen comes with a black ballpoint ink, but you can buy different refills if you want. I recently purchased the gel refills and oh my, coming to my favorites on Monday. I just can’t with these pens. They are just gorgeous, and maybe that’s why I have over 40 of them… Oops. I’m too afraid to count! I just want every beautiful color there is. Gladly, I have found my PenGems style with gold hardware, so I’m going to stick with them now.

So! Do you need these? Here a little info. If you are a PenGems VIP, the release is TODAY! So join now on their website >><<. You can buy the set today, and public release is on Monday, where you can purchase everything separately until sold out. Even the beautiful stone paper notebook! And don’t forget to use code HEIDI to get 15% off from your first order. This set is limited edition, so hurry up!

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