pengems hollywood boulevard II collection

*PenGems kindly sent me this set. 

pengems hollywood boulevard II collection

PenGems* are releasing their new collection on Friday, and I’m so excited about it! Even if I get the pens before the release, it’s still always so amazing to see how they are doing. And okay, this Friday is unique because they are releasing the full black pen! I’m flipping out in here! I need it, I’m going to buy it, and I’m going to use it all the time. Ah, I’m using all the pens all the times, just rotating them, but the black, if I get it, it will be my most used pen ever. It’s black! Full black! Can anything be better than that?

This collection is the part two of the >> Hollywood Boulevard<<, which they released last year, and this one, oh my god. I loved the previous one, but now I’m entirely in love. Nowadays, I usually won’t be so obsessed with the silver ones, but it’s my favorite of these three. The blue in pen is perfect! And everything was so much fun to take photos. I had so many ideas instantly when I saw the collection! Some gold, starts, lights! Which is your favorite of these three? Here are the colors;

Starlet (Rose Gold)

Spotlight (Silver)

Glam Squad (Gold)

pengems hollywood boulevard II collection pengems hollywood boulevard II collection

So! If you are interested in getting these pens, here is some information that you need to know. The release is this Friday, 26th, at 12:00 pm CST.  I usually use worldtimebuddy to convert the time, because it’s way too easier than counting the hours. I’m sure that these babies will be sold out pretty quickly, so be quick! Some of them has sold out under a minute!

On Friday, you can only buy the set. It contains the pens (obliviously), a small black notebook and the foiled box. These will cost $33.You can also get individuals on Monday, 29th. Pens will be $11 and notebook $3, so I would recommend buying the boxed set!

And the best part, using code HEIDI will get you 15% off from your first order! >> Here is the link to their website.* <<

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