pengems northern lights collection

pengems northern lights collection pengems northern lights collection

They are beautiful, aren’t they? PenGems sent me their new collection, and I lost my mind. I have been crying way too much because I missed the silver version of their Northern light collection, but these are so much better. I prefer gold over silver today, so this is perfect. As usual, they write beautifully! Names are Celestial Pink, Elysian Lavender, Polar Peach, Iced Mint, and Arctic Blue. My favorite must be the blue or the mint one. Can’t decide between those colors… And the peach one! It’s summery and pretty and ohhh! So excited to start using them!

And if you are wondering about the quality of these pens, I can tell you, they are great. I have written many blog posts about PenGems, and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. You know when you find something that you are obsessed with and you need every color? These are that obsession for me.

So! Time to get your own? VIP pre-release is on 24th (so it’s a day after tomorrow!!), so join now! And the public release is on 27th.  You can participate on VIP list on their website and get them little early! Remember to check the other social media too; you won’t regret it.

And oh! I have a coupon code for you guys! If you want 15% off from your first order, use code HEIDI ❤️

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