pengems stargazer collection

*PenGems kindly sent me this set. 

PenGems did it again. I don’t know how they do it, but always when they release new pens, my heart melts. Everything is always so beautiful and goes with the theme. Okay, some pens are not for me, but that’s okay. I can’t love everything.

pengems stargazer collection pengems stargazer collection pengems stargazer collection

They send me their new collection Stargazer, and I just got it last week. I was waiting for these like a mad woman! I love stars, space and anything that goes with it. When I got the package, I was like ”wooooooow so prettyyyy!”. I love the colors in the crystals and how the black barrel makes them pop up even more. One thing I’m little sad about is that the hardware is silver. I’m a gold kind of girl, but I can live with it! The more I look at them, the more I’m in love with them. My favorite must be the blue one! The real name of it would be Equinox.

Again, I’m enjoying the quality of these pens. PenGems never fail with it. My favorite ballpoint pens ever! Every pen comes with a smooth black in, and they always send you an extra refill. But they also have some different refills in store, if you are not into ballpoint pens.

If you want to get this collection, VIP release will be on 23th, and public release will be on 26th of this month, so if you’re going to get them fast, join our fight against the ugly pens. There is also a notebook available to buy, and it’s waterproof! Yay for that! I’m obsessed with them too, and it’s a perfect size.

*So, if you want to get these or other PenGems, check their shop at*. You can use code HEIDI to get 15% off from your first order!

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