the carnival of ice cream and chocolate 2018

the carnival of ice cream and chocolate 2018 the carnival of ice cream and chocolate 2018 the carnival of ice cream and chocolate 2018

Oh my god. Last weekend was a dream! I, my boyfriend and friend went to the first Carnival of Ice Cream and Chocolate ever! At least it was the first one in Finland. We left Tampere in the morning and arrived in Helsinki in good time. Just a subway ride to Kaapelitehdas and done, and we were there!

The Carnival of Ice Cream and Chocolate cost 12€ per ticket, and I can say that it was worth it. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like buying new ice cream, because what if I hate it? I want to be sure that I would eat it, and not give it to my boyfriend to eat. But yeah, after we went in, we were welcomed with a little darker, but a comfy and moody place. There was so much stuff to taste that I can’t even handle! So much new ones, and something that I have eaten already. Especially those Tallipiha chocolates, love!

I should have counted how many ice creams I tested… Chocolates, not so much. Not many shops had chocolate tastings, but I bought some! Ah so good. There will be an Instagram photo of them someday. But the ice creams. Way too many of them tasted and little samples were eaten, and there was a couple that stayed in my mind. Like pine tree, basil, for example. Loved them! But now I have tasted them; I could see myself buying them as soon as I can find them somewhere.

Also, it was beautiful to see so many different new flavors that I wouldn’t have thought. People aren’t going with the basics anymore in ice cream, but they are doing many new ideas. Just like the pine tree! I knew that it was a good taste but never thought about that as ice cream.

So, the Carnival of Chocolate and Ice Cream 2018 was a win for me. Going back next year!

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