very finnish things i love #2

very finnish things i love #2

Summer cottages | Ahh! I haven’t visited one in years, but there is nothing better than summer cottages. We would love to rent one this year for a weekend, but let’s see. Anyways, so many people visit their own or rented summer cottages in Finland, and it’s bloody fantastic. One of my dreams is to buy one little one just beside the lake, and I would just spend my summer there always with my future family.

Wild berries | I don’t trust people who don’t like wild berries like strawberry, raspberry or blueberry. Always when I’m hiking in the summer and see them, I probably stay there and eat. Usually, people like to collect them and store for the winter, but I can’t do that. I eat everything before the berry hits the cup where I should be putting them.

Sausage cooked over an open fire in the snow | I haven’t done this in years because I hate the cold weather, but I remember when I was little and we had those school trips outside, we always grilled some sausages. It tastes so much better! Maybe because of the cold weather? Perhaps because it’s cooked over an open fire in the cold? I don’t know, but it’s freaking delicious.

very finnish things i love #2

Karelian rice pie| Why do I feel like everyone always laughs how these look? Then they taste some Karelian rice pie and are instantly in love. If the pies well made, they are so smooth and silky and just perfect. Just add a bit of butter on top of it, ohh. Many people like to add spread made of butter and hard-boiled eggs, but that’s not for me. I want them simple.

Finnish Design| If you ever visit Finland, you might notice that Finns are very proud of the designs we make. I have added photos of Iittala and Finlayson here, which you might have heard. But smaller or larger maker or company, I probably love it. Finnish design is usually straightforward. Nothing extra added, which I like a lot. If you search ”Finnish design” on Pinterest, you understand what I’m talking.

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