very finnish things that i dislike

very finnish things that i dislike

You know that there are likes, there is dislikes also. Last week I wrote about those things that I love, and I’m doing it again next week! But I wanted to tell those things that I do not like that much. I hope that no one get’s offended because these are just my opinions.

Salmiakki | It’s just awful. I don’t know how people can eat it and enjoy it. It’s salty, weird tasting and I just can’t. At least they look pretty, am I right? If you are Finnish, you probably know those candies where half of the candy is red and half Salmiakki? Yeah, I always eat the red side only. I can’t handle Salmiakki at all!

Coffee | Coffee is way too bitter for my taste. I have tried coffee so many times that I can’t even count, but it’s always so horrible. My boyfriend is one of the many MANY Finns who drinks coffee in the morning and the day, so I’m trying to understand. But even the hint of the taste or scent makes me almost vomit. Plus it darkens your teeth, so that’s not good.

very finnish things that i dislike

Finnish sketch shows| How many Finnish sketch shows there are? 10 or more? Maybe more. Always the same actors, jokes, ideas. Now I’m sincere and don’t save up my words. These are complete shit. Most of the jokes are stereotypical, and if the joke is not stereotypical, it disses someone. Or! It’s a penis, sex or fart joke. Funny.

Alcohol culture| Where can I even start with this one? I have been battling with alcohol for years, and I think I might fight with it rest of my life maybe. I don’t drink. Usually, it’s like ”oh okay, that’s fine!”. But not in here. At the moment I have amazing friends who understand, but there is always those who don’t understand. I don’t like the taste, partying, hungover, those things are not for me. I can’t handle alcohol at all. Okay, usually cocktails are fine and some other soft drinks, but strong ones, no.  But ages I have been the ”weird one” because I don’t like to go clubbing. I just don’t understand our alcohol culture and why everything should be around it.

Helsinki| Helsinki, I’m sorry! It’s just that always when I visit Helsinki, it’s full of people who don’t look where they walk, and there is nothing more annoying than that! And it’s way too expensive! Maybe I don’t understand it because I’m born and raised in the countryside. Like, I love cities, and it’s always fun to visit one, but for some reason, Helsinki is a little bit too hyped? It’s not that great.

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