very finnish things that i love #1

very finnish things that i love #1

Nature | Have you seen those lakes and forests in Finland? Finland is known to be the Land of a Thousand Lakes, and no wonder, if you ever visited this country, you probably know what I mean. You see lakes everywhere, and it’s just beautiful. I can walk about 30 minutes in left, right and straight and there will be a lake in there. But oh wait! Before I see at the lake, I need to walk through the forest or field. Nature is everywhere in Finland, and we should take more care of it.

Sauna | Okay, I need to specify sauna part a little. It needs to be a naked sauna. If I put a towel on, I’m going to die, seriously. I can handle the sauna, but sauna with a towel on, no way. And of course, there is nothing better than a wood sauna. In apartment buildings, we usually have saunas that work with electricity, but it can be little too much sometimes, it is not as soft as the wooden one.

Fazer |I might have eaten one of the chocolates before I took these photos. By accident! I just threw everything on our table, opened one and started taking the photography stuff out. Somehow, I didn’t even realize it before it was too late! It was Kismet, which is just fantastic. But yeah, Fazer. I love you: chocolate, cookies, bread, everything. So, if you ever visit Finland, buy some Fazer chocolate, and stat with the Fazer blue. Just the basic one.

very finnish things that i love #1

Ruisleipä | Rye bread actually, but I we say ruisleipä. I’m very picky about my rye bread! Obsessed with the Vaasan Ruispalat, not so obsessed with the others. This ruisleipä is the best one just after toaster, warm and just perfectly soft. Just add some butter, cucumber, ham, and cheese, and you have a perfect sandwich.

Midnight sun | I had to use google for this because I didn’t have any idea what this is in English. But the sun doesn’t set at all in some parts of Finland, which is flipping amazing. Like, you can go outside in the middle of the night, and you can see the sun! There is nothing better than be awake the whole night and just spend it outside. So relaxing and best feelings ever.

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