welcome to heidi alina

welcome to heidi alina

Hello! You might know me from Heidi’s Planner. I have been blogging in that name since 2016, but now, I feel like I have overgrown from it. I needed a more personal and mature name, but still not with my last name. So, I figured that Heidi Alina would be perfect. My first and middle name. I already have an Instagram with that, so why not blog too? Sadly, I needed to add one more a in the end, since just heidialina was taken.

And what will be on my new blog? Well, nothing will change. I’m still going to do a lot of unboxings, talk about everything I can think of, and I don’t have any clue what I’m doing. Just writing blog posts, taking photos and enjoying what I’m doing here right now. And! We will start with the Harry Potter unboxings, advent calendar unboxings and favorites of course. I wanted to start this blog on a new year, but I figured that I would love to open my advent calendars on my new website.

Heidi’s Planner will be deleted, like all the posts in there. So, sorry if you got something you wanted to read. I transferred a lot of blog posts from there to here, but not all of them. There were so many! All my favorite blog posts are now under Heidi Alina, like favorites, memories, etc. I will write some of them again with a massive update, but many of the blog posts got deleted altogether for one reason or other.

But hey! I do hope that you enjoy my new blog! Welcome!

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