what’s in my bag 2017

Wow, I never thought that I would do a blog post like this! I wanted to do a post about my new haircare products, which I love a lot. Sadly I have been sick, so every photo what I’m trying to take off my hair & face looks so horrible. My nose is red, and I think if this continues, it might drop. But yeah! So now you get to see what’s inside my bag. First I want to say before I forget. Usually, there is a small or personal planner too. Because you never know when you need to write something down!

what's in my bag 2017 what's in my bag 2017 what's in my bag 2017

The bag I’m using at the moment is pretty small, but it has a lot of room! I have one larger size but its full black. Uh, I love them. I wish that I had bought the mini size Hayden too, but oh well, maybe I find it someday.

But let’s see what’s inside! Everything seems so normal now that I look at the photos. I’m boring! Okay, so, I have two lip balms. Sometimes I have even more because why not? Uhh or maybe I just forgot that I have lip balm and then I buy a new one. Then I have like 50 of them, and they are everywhere! Anything else seems normal, passport case (since I suck and I can’t drive a car, license costs almost 3000€!) because I don’t have any other ID cards. Glasses, iPhone 7, a couple of PenGems, which no one ever can touch because they are mine, headphones, etc. Nothing exciting but it’s my bag!

+ Usually, there is a camera too, which is Olympus OM-D E-10.

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