wizarding world loot crate house bride may 2018

Well. I have no idea what to say. I’m not happy with this box and might unsubscribe instantly if the next one is as disappointing as this. It feels horrible to write a bad review, but I want to get my opinion out. Quality is excellent with everything, but well, that’s about it. But let’s see what’s inside and talk about everything. And sorry about the cursing, it was needed. I was so angry when I opened this box, and I’m mad as I’m writing this. Wizarding World is not the cheapest box, so I would love to see something better than this. // Edit. I unsubscribed. If the subscription box gets better, I might order it again.

wizarding world loot crate house bride may 2018 wizarding world loot crate house bride may 2018

Okay, starting with the small things! First of all, that patch. It could be a surprise extra item, but not a full one piece. It’s just, nah. Boring and cheap, like ”we need to get one more item! Let’s add a patch!” And this isn’t the prettiest patch I have seen! The look of the snake throws me off a little.

Enamel pin is part of the Horcrux pin series, sadly I don’t have them all, but this is an okay item. I’m not mad. ”Neither can live while the other survives” in the pin is an excellent little addition to it, but might have looked even better without the text. It’s such a small font!

wizarding world loot crate house bride may 2018 wizarding world loot crate house bride may 2018

I was blown away when I saw this pocket watch peeking in the box. Such a gorgeous one! I haven’t figured out how to change the time yet because I can’t get the back of it open. Any help? Okay, I might close it and keep it as an accessory because the inside of the clock looks so cheap. Little silver foil and glass would have made a HUGE difference! The small snake in the chain also looks fantastic, loving the details.

wizarding world loot crate house bride may 2018

Why the fuck these two are counted as separate items? Packed in the same packing and two fucking items?! No. These are a pack of socks and counted as one item. Am I right? Whoever says otherwise, you are wrong. And the second thing, these are big! My shoe size is EU36/UK3,5/US6, and these are like 5cm too big for me. Sadly, I need to give these to my boyfriend. Damn it. At least someone can enjoy these. Maybe they should ask the shoe size too, so they would get these right?

wizarding world loot crate house bride may 2018

I have seen other Loot Crate boxes, and their t-shirts have usually been fantastic, but this is boring. Excellent quality, but this is just going to be my home t-shirt. Not making any wow effects with this one.

Overall, I liked two items. The socks and the pocket watch, and I can’t even wear the socks!! With the price around 40€, this is not worth it. At least this box wasn’t. But I’m hoping for the best every month.

Have you ordered the Wizarding World crate? What do you think? I thought that I would love it!

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